Important Information

This is an initial version of our whitepaper, and we acknowledge that it may come across as overly positive and generic. We want to clarify that while we firmly believe in the potential of blockchain technology, we are aware of the significant challenges our team faces and the complexity of implementing solutions. Our team is committed to addressing these challenges and developing practical, user-friendly solutions that can benefit wider audience. We appreciate your feedback and welcome any suggestions or questions you may have as we continue to refine and improve our platform.


At CLUXA, we acknowledge the potential of blockchain technology and strive to harness its power to benefit individuals, community and businesses. Our team endeavors to explore blockchain technology's potential, from its fundamental building blocks to its cutting-edge applications. Our initial focus on providing easy-to-use tools and applications to manage decentralized data, democratizing the technology, and making it accessible to everyone. Our work prioritizes security and decentralization, guiding our selection of XRPL blockchain and tokens issuance and distribution strategy.


Although blockchain technology has immense potential to revolutionize numerous industries, it faces several significant challenges. Corporations and organizations are developing their proprietary applications and data formats, which, in many cases, are not accessible to the community. This trend towards centralization can limit the number of participants and stifle innovation, making it difficult for new players to enter the market. Additionally, blockchain technology's niche nature makes it not easily accessible to a wider audience. Despite gaining traction, it is still a complex and challenging area of expertise, limiting its availability to the public, leading to a limited understanding of its potential.

Abstraction Layer

CLUXA aims to build an ecosystem that provides an abstraction layer of services, making it easy for anyone to access the Web3 technology stack. Our team understands the importance of making Web3 technologies more accessible and enabling the development of utility applications. We identified the need for an abstraction layer that reduces the complexity of solutions implementations. We aim to democratize access to these technologies and promote their use in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. Initially, we will provide everyone with easy and transparent utility tools to manage their decentralized data, such as identity, credentials, and miscellaneous digital and tangible assets, leveraging the XRPL blockchain's practical simplicity and low costs. In the next phase, our focus will be on developing utility applications that expand the scope of blockchain technology beyond its current use cases. We will collaborate with partners to explore and develop solutions for decentralized identities and proofs of credentials, citizen STEM, and information distribution. Our essential deliverable milestones include the development and release of CLUXA utility tools, cross-chain functionality, and additional utility applications.

XRPL Blockchain

CLUXA has chosen the XRPL blockchain for its practical simplicity and low costs. XRPL has been around since 2012 and has proven its reliability and efficiency in various use cases. Building our solutions on the XRPL blockchain will provide a solid foundation for our utility tools, utility applications, and abstraction layer.

CLX Utility Token

CLUXA has issued a utility token with symbol CLX, on the XRPL network with a total final supply of 10 billion units. The token will serve as the primary currency within the CLUXA ecosystem, providing access to various services. The distribution plan for CLX tokens ensures a broad and fair distribution, with a significant portion of the total supply allocated for community and ecosystem development. Tokens will also be utilized for operational requirements such as payment for network services and incentivizing development partnerships.

We plan to list the CLX token on various centralized and decentralized exchanges to provide liquidity and trading opportunities. The trading plan aims to facilitate price discovery and market efficiency while ensuring the stability of the CLX token value.

CLUXA will publish a detailed report with a live statistic of the token allocation, supply and operational data.

XCL Governance Token

To promote participation and democratization within the CLUXA ecosystem, CLUXA team decided to issue 10 million governance tokens under symbol XCL. These tokens will be distributed among early adopters and participants and provide holders with the power to vote on significant changes to the utility applications strategy and new features proposals.

The governance token distribution will take place in various stages, starting with a private sale for early project supporters followed by a public sale for a broader audience. The total supply of XCL tokens will be fixed, and there will be no additional tokens generated after the initial distribution, nor will any tokens be burned.

We believe that the issuance of XCL tokens will create a stronger sense of community and encourage more active participation within the ecosystem. By giving our community a say in the project's future direction, we aim to foster a more democratic and decentralized ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.


CLUXA's goal is to provide innovative solutions for decentralized identity and verifiable credentials, financial control, and incentivizing partnerships and development. We believe that blockchain technology combined with utility applications and NFTs presents a unique opportunity to build a more inclusive digital ecosystem. We are committed to providing an abstraction layer of services that makes it easy for anyone to access the Web3 technology stack and enjoy its benefits.

Our platform design will appeal to a broad audience, from students and recent graduates establishing their identity and credentials to more established users interested in application development or services utilization. We have chosen to develop our platform on the XRPL blockchain due to its practical simplicity and low costs and are committed to providing cross-chain functionality to incorporate more networks into our solution.

To achieve our vision, we have issued a utility token, CLX, to incentivize partnerships, development, and other essential operational components.

We have also issued a governance token, XCL, to promote community engagement and incentivize active participation within the ecosystem.

We are excited about the potential of CLUXA to make a significant contribution to the emerging digital ecosystem by providing innovative solutions accessible to a broad audience. We are committed to working tirelessly to deliver on our promise.

Risk Notice

Investing in crypto tokens involves significant risks, including the potential for loss of capital. The value of tokens can be extremely volatile and can fluctuate widely in a short period. Additionally, the regulatory landscape is evolving and may impact the adoption and value of these tokens. Please do your own research and understand the risks involved before investing in crypto tokens. The above document provides information about CLUXA's plans and objectives but does not guarantee their success or the value of their tokens.


Please be advised that the tokens mentioned above are not deemed as securities or analogous financial instruments acknowledged by common law. The tokens are intended to be used solely as a means of accessing and using the platform and its features, and to participate in the governance of the platform through the governance token function. The tokens do not represent ownership or any other interest in any company or assets, and do not provide any financial rights or benefits to token holders. Any decision to purchase or hold tokens should be made based on your own research and understanding of the platform and its governance mechanism, and not based on any expectation of profit or financial return.